Q: To whom it may concern,

I am a doctor in in a small village near Rwanda. We have been waiting for the United Nations to drop critical supplies for many months while death waits for us at every opportunity. Please do not delay any further.

-Sawaya Km-Twaba

Answer: Sawaya,

We apologize for all the delays. The making of this record was difficult due to the busy schedules of the members. We have delivered the record to the label and it will drop Sep. 9th. Thank you for your patience.



As my country was recently invaded by the US, I was burned very badly by the hotness of bomb. My face was even melted. Please make US understand reason. I sorry my English so poor.

Hassan I sabah

Answer: Yo H-Dog,

Who's show were you at? A US band? Neurosis maybe? You're right. They totally melt faces. We can only aspire to that level of brutality.

Your English is pretty good!

-United Nations

Q: My family was "disappeared" from the Dominican Republic by an officer of the law. Although it sounds horrific, it was actually quite common under El Jeffe's reign of POWER. VIOLENCE brings about violence and although El Jeffe is dead and gone there is still much corruption in my home land. Please help us.

-Oscar Cabral

Answer: Power Violence was a genre coined in the Slap-a-ham era and popularized by bands with short and aggressively fast songs with clever (if somewhat crass) titles. The early to mid nineties spawned an off shoot known as emo-power-violence... Terrible name but great bands: Orchid, Reversal of Man, etc. These are the bands that have inspired us.


Q: Dear United Nations,

You guys sound like Orchid??? Seriously?? More like Bore-chid if you ask me.

Don Juanito

Answer: Don,

Hahahahaha! Sick burn, dude. You got us. Oh wait, you don't even exist! We made you up! And gave you a stupid name! Haha! Pwned! Pwned! Pwned!